Highest Quality and Safety

We provide the highest quality of work in a friendly and clean atmosphere. We work hard to ensure you will experience a safe, sterile and private tattoo environment. All of our tattoo and piercing areas are kept in basic white to ensure maximum cleanliness and light reflection.

All tattoo and piercing areas are completely sterilized and wiped down after every tattoo / piercing, leaving the area clean for the next client.

All Sonic Tattoo employees are certified with valid Bloodborne Pathogen Training, Infection Control Training, First Aid, and C.P.R…

All employees have been Hepatitis A and B vaccinated, with the exception of our guest tattoo artists and piercers.

Tattooing Safety

Sonic Tattoo uses a Ritter M9 UltraClave by Midmark. The Ritter M9 UltraClave is an automatic autoclave that is about to replace its predecessor the Ritter M7 SpeedClave. The Ritter M7 SpeedClave is about to become obsolete due the fact that it is longer manufacturer by Midmark since 2010. It also does not have a pressure gauge which tattoo studios require for the ability to record its pressure per cycle as per Niagara Region Public Health.

Most importantly is that nowhere in the manufacturer’s operator manual does it state that the autoclave has the ability to sterilize hollow instruments. Most of the instruments and needles used in tattoo studios are hollow so we have decided to use the Ritter M9 UltraClave for your safety and its ability to perform all of the above mentioned points that a Ritter M7 SpeedClave cannot.

Sonic Tattoo has always gone above all standards of the tattoo industry regardless of expense for our clients and for absolute professionalism.

All needles used at Sonic Tattoo are single use, pre-made and pre-sterilized. After needles have been used the entire needle grouping and needle bar is disposed of in a sharps / bio hazardous waste container. The needles are the only piece of the equipment that actually penetrates the skin. Tattoo tubes are re-used but not before being put through a rigorous cleaning before sterilization in an autoclave.

An autoclave is a pressurized steam sterilization unit that is used in hospitals, dental offices, laboratories and onsite at our studio.

When getting a tattoo the area should be clean, and any instruments or needles should come out of a sealed autoclave pouch. The artist should always wear nitrile gloves, ink should be dispensed into disposable ink caps, and the artist should use barrier film to cover spray bottles, machines, power supplies, and clip cords to prevent cross contamination.

Piercing Safety

All piercing needles are single use, and are disposed of in a sharps / bio hazardous waste container. All instruments used for piercing are re-used after going through a rigorous cleaning and sterilization in an autoclave.

When getting a piercing the area should be clean, and any instruments and needles should come out of a sealed autoclave pouch. The Piercer should always wear nitrile gloves and should not touch anything outside of his / her sterile field to prevent cross contamination.

Sonic Tattoo uses the most modern sterilization techniques, including autoclave sterilization, ultrasonic cleaners and disposable single use tattooing and piercing equipment. We Meet and Exceed all the rules and recommendations of the Provincial Government, Federal Government and Niagara Region Public Health Board.

Certificate of Participation

Our spore test results are always displayed at the front of our studio and in our piercing room. Our certificate of participation is clearly displayed so that you can view the name of the laboratory and proof of every passing test.

If you ever want to know more we would be glad to take you back to our sterilization area and go through the process with you step by step until you are completely satisfied with what you have seen.

Spore Testing

The following is the simplest way to describe what spore testing is for tattoo studios. All tattoo studios must challenge their autoclave bi-weekly according to current local Health Board and Provincial standards.

  • Spore sample are taken bi-weekly and sent to a selected laboratory for autoclave test.
  • Autoclaves are spore tested on a bi-weekly basis by an independent laboratory as per Health Board and Provincial regulations.
  • Aside from the mandated bi-weekly testing, we spore test and incubate our autoclave once a week in house. We use liquid biological monitors because the sample is contained in a glass ampoule and they have a 100% effectiveness rate.
  • We also use 3M Comply SteriGage steam and EO chemical integrators with each sterilization cycle. These integrators are designed to react to all critical variables such as the proper amount of time, the correct temperature and pressure was achieved during the sterilization cycle.
  • The chemical integrators we use have an effectiveness rate of approximately 99%. This allows us to monitor every load for any mechanical anomalies or cycle failures.

Download Spore test report

Front Counter Area

The front counter area is where you'll be greeted by any one of our staff. They'll be happy to assist you with any of your questions.

The front counter area is also where you can view our autoclave spore test results, fill out any required paperwork, receive your tattoo / piercing aftercare, purchase any tattoo / piercing aftercare products, view our wide selection of body jewellery and of course; the worst part of getting a tattoo or piercing... paying for it.

Though it is never our goal to make a client wait occasionally it happens time to time.

In the event that you should have to wait awhile we have provided you with a comfortable sitting area, where you can read a variety of magazines.

Tattoo Viewing Area

Sonic Tattoo has thousands of designs displayed on large touch screen computer. We have designs by some of the best artists in the industry. We update this data base every few months but we clients encouraged to bring their designs and ideas.

If after visiting us you are still having trouble settling on a design or an idea than we strongly encourage you to do an internet search where you can find numerous designs and ideas.

If you still can’t find anything it doesn’t matter because all of our artists would be more than happy to draw you up something totally custom and original.

We also have provided you with a large touch screen computer to display all the work that our artists have completed. So feel free to check out their portfolios and maybe you might like a certain style of one of our artists to do your tattoo