PicoSure vs. MedLite C6

The is no doubt that the new PicoSure laser is the most modern and first picoseconds laser available but there are still many differences between the PicoSure and the MedLite C6. Clients always need to be made aware of the facts and their options when choosing how to get their tattoo removed. For more than 20 years, Q-Switched lasers such as the MedLite C6 have been considered and still a standard technique for removing tattoos and skin spots. The MedLite C6 utilizes four wavelengths to remove multi colored tattoos for which each wavelength has been determined to be the most effective for each color. The 1064 nm for black and dark ink, 532 nm for red ink, 650 nm for green ink and 585 nm for blue ink.

Now within the last 2 years the PicoSure has become available, the PicoSure is a Alexandrite laser using a 755 nm wavelength for all colors which does very little for red ink. It uses ultra-short pulses create a photomechanical impact, shattering the ink or pigment into tiny dust-like particles. Because the particles are so small, they are more easily absorbed and eliminated through the body’s natural processes. This means that with each PicoSure treatment, the tattoo will lighten and clear faster than ever before.

The MedLite C6 can perform the R20 Method which is the client receives four treatments in one visit. When we perform the R20 Method the client receive almost the same amount of pigment fragmentation and elimination by relying on photothermal and photomechanical action, delivering heat to the pigment and changing the shape of the pigment by fragmentation. When performing the R20 Method on clients we also see substantial vaporization of pigment which is permanent and instant. Vaporization doesn’t require the body to eliminate the pigment particles through the body’s natural processes.

In conclusion Sonic Tattoo will also be purchasing a PicoSure in the near future but for now we can offer you an almost equal alternative by using the R20 method for our clients while saving them substantial money on their overall removal process. Sonic Tattoo follows in which is the entire industry believes, that more than one laser is required for the overall removal. This is why most clinics using the PicoSure still have their MedLite C6 and use it frequently for their clients.