MedLite C6 Laser Procedure

Built on ConBio’s original Q-switched technology, MedLite C6 is best known as the industry’s gold standard laser for multi-colored tattoo removal. It also provides a wide range of effective treatment applications, regardless of patient skin type.

MedLite C6 Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser features proven PhotoAcoustic technology and multiple wavelengths for efficient, reproducible treatment on all patient skin types.

Treatments Available

  • Tattoo Removal – Full Color Spectrum
  • Epidermal and Dermal Pigmented Lesions
      • Nevus of Ota
      • Sun Damage
      • Skin Resurfacing
      • Wrinkle Reduction
      • Acne Scar Reduction

      Anti-Aging Maintenance

      MedLite C6’s Q-Switched Nd: YAG technology can help resurface the skin through collagen and elastin stimulation.

      Epidermal and Dermal Pigmented Lesions

      MedLite C6 is ideal for treating a wide variety of pigmented lesions including age spots, solar lentigines, café-au-lait lesions and dermal melanocytosis, including Nevus of Ota and Hori’s Nevus.

      Epidermal and Dermal Pigmented Lesions

      The Q-Switched 1064nm wavelength reduces acne scars and wrinkles with minimal to no downtime or discomfort. 

      If you would like to see the Medlite C6 in action please feel free to go the www.conbio.com. This is the manufacture of the Medlite C6 and they have videos and pictures of everything the Medlite C6 is capable of doing. Videos and Pictures courtesy of HOYA ConBio.

      Tattoo Fading ?

      In the past most people only had one option. It was to cover an existing tattoo by having a professional artist try to design something that would go over the existing tattoo. This almost always resulted in covering the tattoo but never really getting what you truly wanted due the artist’s limitations. The advances in laser technology, fading or removing tattoos quickly, safely, and without scarring, are providing a lightened or completely clean canvas of skin. 

      Click here to email us a picture of your tattoo. We will be happy to provide you with a cost estimate. However, a consultation appointment is still required to provide a final price quote.

      Certified Laser Technician.

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